Maurizio Malagnini

Maurizio Malagnini is an internationally awarded composer, best known for his scores for the BBC Hits ‘The Paradise’ and ‘Call The Midwife’. He has won 4 Music and Sound Awards, 1 IFMCA Award, 1 Emmy Nomination.

”When I compose the music for a sunday night Drama such as ‘The Body Farm’ or ‘The Paradise’ for BBC ONE or PBS I know I can rely on the quality of Filippo’s guitars to bring the audience to the heart of the story: I know Filippo will choose the right instrument and the right sound to bring my idea to life, understanding perfectly the mood of the film.

When I am under pressure and 11 million viewers only in the UK are waiting for my music to be dubbed in the film, I always rely on the professionalism and passion for detail that Filippo has demonstrated during the last 10 years, playing from my first scores to my Emmy ® Nominated and IFMCA winning productions. ”