How it works

1) Contact
We’ll discuss your project and I’ll give you a quote. I quote per job (rather than by time) so you know exactly what you’ll be paying before I start.

2) Send me your tracks
Send me your track or provide a download link (Dropbox, WeTransfer etc..)

3) Recording
I record your guitar parts in my studio. This is done from either notation provided by you, or by improvised parts based on your creative ideas. Working with an online session guitarist can be as collaborative as you like. Whether you want some existing parts re-recorded or need me to come up with some parts, once you have told me what you want your track to sound like.

4) Demo Track
I’ll send you a demo track for approval. It will either be a mixdown or have an audio watermark.
If you’re not satisfied I’m happy to make a reasonable number of changes within the original brief.

5) Invoice via PayPal
When you’re happy I’ll send you an invoice via PayPal. It’s fast and secure and you don’t need an account to pay.

6) Delivery
Once the PayPal payment has cleared I’ll send you your stems in a way that suits you – download link, FTP etc.